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Teaching Druidry

By Nimue Brown

We all do this, every time we speak or act in ritual, whenever we blog, or exchange ideas. The scope to learn from one another exists in every interaction. It’s also there, continually, in our experience of all facets of life, but for today I want to focus on the human.

When I started learning about Druidry, I looked for teachers. Not because I wanted a guru who could make everything miraculously easy, but because I wanted pointing in the right direction and some confirmation that I wasn’t talking out of my bottom! Experience of others starting out inclines me to think that’s all very normal. I found some people who were helpful and some people who wanted to tell me what to do. As a student, I’ve never been responsive to orders. I resent authority, I always want to pull the other way, this seems intrinsic to my nature. My favourite teachers have suggested, fed back, encouraged, counter-argued. They have given me space to be myself, whilst sharing what they know.

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