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Is it Ethical to Offer Silver in Druidic Rites?

By Grey Catsidhe

[Snip] This post may be controversial, but it’s something that must be examined.

There’s a tradition behind using silver in magical rites. According to ADF member and author Ceisiwr Serith, there are two theories behind the use of silver with regards to water/the well – one of the sacred hallows in ADF tradition. He says:

There are two basic theories as to why silver is put in the well, and what is done with the silver afterward will depend on which theory is used:

1. The silver consecrates the water. If this is the theory, then the silver is reused.
2. The silver is an offering, either to beings associated with the well or to the water or well itself. In this case the silver is not reused, and is eventually disposed of either by casting it in the water or burying it.

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