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Devotio Antinoo, by P. Sufenas Virius Lupus

Reviewed by Star Foster

[Snip] I am a heterosexual woman, but having a lot of GLBTQI friends makes me conscious of the diversity of the gods. I worship straight gods and bisexual gods and gay gods. I even worship transgender gods and genderqueer gods. To only view the gods as heterosexual is a bit narcissistic, . . . → Read More: Devotio Antinoo, by P. Sufenas Virius Lupus

The Forgotten Tools of Wicca

By Blue Star Owl

It seems like everyone has an Athame, a Chalice and a wand these days. But some of the other basic tools of a traditional Wiccan altar seem to be overlooked. Let’s take a look at some of them:


The Boline is a white handled knife that is usually used as . . . → Read More: The Forgotten Tools of Wicca

Hellenism: What We Believe, What We Stand For

By Κρεσφόντης

Hellenism (ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟΣ ΕΘΝΙΣΜΟΣ) is not simply a Religion and Cosmotheory, it is a certain form of human consciousness and an everyday ethos. It is a strong adversary of the so-called “Monotheism” and this not only due to its being the most well-documented of the ancient polytheistic nature-Religions, but also because it is the . . . → Read More: Hellenism: What We Believe, What We Stand For

I Don’t Believe in Karma

By Lupa

I don’t believe in Karma (the New Age version, that is, which for the purposes of this discussion I’m separating from the Hindu and Buddhist versions thereof). Or the Threefold Law. Or any other attempt to stuff morality and ethics into a nice, neat proportionate package, which I’ll abbreviate as Karma/3FL. Karma/3FL states . . . → Read More: I Don’t Believe in Karma

Cakes and Wine

A Little Bit About Alcohol in History and Ritual

By Jason Mankey

[Snip]. . .alcohol has been seen as sacred by many for thousands of years. It’s completely possible that alcohol is the reason for civilization. 10,000 years ago humans began leaving behind their hunter-gatherer ways for an agricultural, sedentary existence. We take it for . . . → Read More: Cakes and Wine

Herakles, by Emma Stafford

Reviewed by Hugo Koning

Herakles, the greatest hero of all time, is the latest addition to the increasing list of mythological characters scrutinized in the Routledge series Gods and Heroes of the Ancient World. In this series, the book takes a rather exceptional place: much like the hero himself, it is bigger, heavier and decidedly . . . → Read More: Herakles, by Emma Stafford

Responding to Conflict in Pagan Communities

By Teo Bishop

[Snip] When I was a child, I attended an Episcopal church in Englewood, Colorado called St. George’s. The church was small, but it was a home to me and my mother. She married my father in that little church, she had me baptized in that little church, and she struggled through a . . . → Read More: Responding to Conflict in Pagan Communities

People of the Earth, by Ellen Evert Hopman and Lawrence Bond

Anonymous Review

[Snip] “People of the Earth” is a collection of very insightful interviews with a wide variety of Pagans- fifty-nine, in fact. Many of the interviews are with famous authors and leaders in the Pagan community; for example, Isaac Bonewits, Selena Fox, Oberon Zell, Starhawk, Susun Weed, Z. Budapest, and many more. Many of . . . → Read More: People of the Earth, by Ellen Evert Hopman and Lawrence Bond

Interpreting the Images of Greek Myths: An Introduction

Reviewed by Eric M. Moormann

This book is a translation from the German 2005 book Griechische Mythenbilder. Eine Einführung and presents an excellent introduction to the iconography of Greek myth, being a Geheimtipp among readers of the original. Junker’s work is an excellent tool for myth classes, both for undergraduates and graduates, since he stimulates . . . → Read More: Interpreting the Images of Greek Myths: An Introduction

Being Negative Is Healthy

Or It’s Good To Be An Ass Sometimes

By Star Foster

[Snip] Some people talk about shadow-work and Left Hand Path in terms almost as nauseating and cloying as the love and light crowd, so I don’t describe myself as embracing the dark and negative as wholesome. I just say I can be an ass.

. . . → Read More: Being Negative Is Healthy