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The Dianic Wiccan Wheel of the Year

By The Goddessian

Most Neopagan are more than familiar with the Traditional Neopagan/Wiccan Wheel of the Year. In Eclectic Wicca the Myth of the Wheel follows the dance of the God and Goddess. The God is born of the Goddess on Yule. The God matures from a newborn to a young man during Imbolc and Ostara. The God and Goddess fall in love, marry and join sexually for the first time on Beltane. On Litha the Goddess discovers She is Pregnant with the Child of Promise, while the God reaches His peak of power. During Lughnasadh and Mabon the God continues to age and His power continues to decreases. On Samhain the God dies, but will be reborn to the Goddess on Yule as the Child of Promise and the cycle continues again.

When a pagan realize that they are Goddess centric they may also realize the mainstream Neopagan Myth of the Wheel of the Year is no longer relevant to them. If the Goddess Centric Pagan decides to keep the Wheel as a part of their practice, which many of us do, then the question arises “what are they celebrating when they celebrate the Sabbats?” I know personally this was one question of mine when I first embraced a Goddess centric path. In this two part series of posts I will offer basic information on the Dianic Wheel of the year as well as my own take on the Sabbats, in order to give those new to the Goddess path some ideas to incorporate into their personal practice.

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