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Running a Heathen Internet Forum

By Swain Wodening

I have seen many fine internet forums come and go. Many start off with a whole lot of enthusiasm with lots of interesting posts only to dwindle down to nothing. Others do the same, but break down into flame wars. What does it take to run a successful internet forum? There are a few that have managed to stay active and interesting, and from these folks can come up with a few some advice on how to run a successful forum.

1) Have a moderator or moderators. An internet forum be it a discussion board like Asatrulore, a Yahoo Group like ASHmail, or a Facebook group like Asatru and Heathenry must have a moderator or moderators. Left on their own a forum is likely to fall victim to trolls and other ill wishing characters. There needs to be someone to shut down such people before real damage is done. The internet is full of people that love nothing more than to cause trouble, argue, fling insults, and otherwise be annoying. A moderator can keep troublemakers out by banning them from the forum.

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