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The Feast of Ultimate Generosity

Re-Thinking the Blot in Modern Heathenry

By Alfarrin

This short discussion on the blot, or the central form of religious sacrifice in modern Heathen belief and practice, represents a turning point or a “gravity shift” in how I personally have come to view and experience the blot. This turning point is a major one; . . . → Read More: The Feast of Ultimate Generosity

Witchy Woman

Power, Drugs, and Memory in the Odyssey

By Marissa Henry

Abstract: In the Odyssey of Homer, one recurring trope is the use of drugs by one character to gain power over another. The two most prominent examples of the trope are Helen and Circe. Helen uses a drug to assuage the grief of Telemachos, while . . . → Read More: Witchy Woman

Practicing Gratitude

By Nimue Brown

The idea of making active gratitude a part of my daily Druid practice is one I’ve picked up by listening to what other Druids do. I’ve been consciously doing it for several years now. I think it conveys a lot of psychological benefits as well as contributing to the spiritual life.

It’s . . . → Read More: Practicing Gratitude

A New Year’s Ritual for Letting Go

By Kris Bradley

Many Pagans create their New Year’s resolutions on Samhain. For the secular New Year’s Eve you might consider a ritual for letting go of the negative aspects of the year; a way to mentally and spiritually take a step toward moving on from the actions of others that have affected you and . . . → Read More: A New Year’s Ritual for Letting Go

Understanding the Language of Alchemy

By Gabriele Ferrario

Only recently has a renewed scholarly interest in the history of alchemy begun to shed a new light on the discipline, which has been neglected and relegated – together with astrology, magic and the knowledge of talismans – to the field of the so-called “pseudo-sciences” since ancient times. Alchemy has gained its . . . → Read More: Understanding the Language of Alchemy

What to Expect from a Psychic Reader

By Charlie Rainbow Wolf

It’s all well and good to want to go to a reader and see what he or she may have to share with you. However, you, as the client, have to have some very realistic ideas about what your reader can offer to you. Knowing what to expect from your reader . . . → Read More: What to Expect from a Psychic Reader

The Language of Birds in Old Norse Tradition

By Timothy Bourns

Abstract: Select characters in medieval Icelandic literature are able to comprehend the language of birds. Ranging from Sigurðr’s tasting the blood of the dragon Fáfnir to Óðinn’s daily dialogue with the ravens Huginn and Muninn, numerous sources will be examined from a comparative perspective. Birds consistently offer important information to individuals associated . . . → Read More: The Language of Birds in Old Norse Tradition

The Future of Modern Witchcraft and Paganism

By Frater Barrabbas Tiresius

One of the things that has most captured my imagination and inspiration is how both Gardner and Alex Sanders experimented and tinkered with their traditions, as if they were never really satisfied with what they had and were always on the lookout for new and interesting lore. Back in the 1960’s, . . . → Read More: The Future of Modern Witchcraft and Paganism

Between Tradition and Innovation, by Tomasz Mojsik

Genealogy, Names and the Number of the Muses

Reviewed by Penelope Murray

This monograph is part of a larger project on the Muses in antiquity and deals specifically with questions relating to their genealogy, names and number in the Archaic and Classical periods. Mojsik’s central thesis is that the image of the Muses at this . . . → Read More: Between Tradition and Innovation, by Tomasz Mojsik

Tea Leaf Reading

By Valrie

There is a lot more to Tea Leaf Reading than what just meets the eye.

Today was my very first experience with Tea reading. Since joining up with the Blog Project I’ve been looking forward to the letter “t” so that I could try out this skill. And I do consider it a . . . → Read More: Tea Leaf Reading