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City Magick, by Christopher Penczak

Reviewed by Freeman

I felt the need for this book in 1999, when I started practicing magic while living in a middle – sized city. I was certainly one of those who could tune in much better when I was around trees and green hills, or around natural waters. I gradually learned to sort out some signals from the overwhelming noise, generally by insulating myself from most of it in a dedicated space.

Chris Penczak took a different, braver approach. This book is about diving into the urban energy blast face-first and thriving in it. I doubt that anyone reading this needs an introduction to this author or his work, but there are the links if you do. I do not quite know how he has been able to pursue as many practices or write as many books as he has, but since I have had the pleasure of attending one of his classes when he visited Birmingham, I can happily endorse him as the real deal.

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