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The Perspective of the Gods

By John Beckett

Millions of years of evolution have given us the instinct to live for today – eat all you can now, since you don’t know when you’ll be able to find food again. Thousands of years of civilization have taught us to plan ahead, to plant crops and build houses. The two combined have taught us to moderate our self-interests enough to care for our children and grandchildren, since we know that while we will die our genes – and perhaps more – will live on in them.

But we still have trouble seeing beyond a short period – a few days or a few months or maybe a few years. That can be a problem when we’re participating in sacred work inspired by gods and goddesses whose perspective is a lot longer than the average American life expectancy of 78.2 years.

What do the gods want? What is their grand plan? And how long is it going to take?

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