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Experimentation in Magic

By Taylor Ellwood

I’ve experimented with magic since I first started practicing when I was sixteen. I’d buy books at the local occult shop, voraciously read them and try the exercises out. Afterwards, I’d think about how I could improve the exercises or change them or experiment with them. I was never satisfied with other people’s explanations of how magic worked. I’m still not satisfied with most of the explanations about how magic works, and that includes some of my explanations. That dissatisfaction, as well as an insatiable curiosity drives my desire to experiment with magic.

Magic is perceived by some as a spiritual force that complements their religious practices, and by others it is perceived as a practical methodology used to achieve measurable results that improve the lives of the practitioners. Still others think of it as a spiritual practice that allows them to commune with the world and the divine. Beyond all of that though it is a discipline, a field of study that many people contribute to on a regular basis. The challenge with any discipline is figuring out how you keep it relevant to the times and to the needs of the people.

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