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Following A Celtic Path

By Erynn Rowan Laurie

What elements are required to make a path true to the Celtic spirit?

I think that there are several. The more of them you have, the closer you get, in my opinion.

First is reverence for Celtic deities. This is easy, and pretty widespread, even among groups that are not really Celtic in focus. Lots of purely Wiccan groups, for instance, revere Celtic Gods and Goddesses, without fulfilling any of the other possible criteria.

Second, connection with ancestors and land spirits. This one is pretty generic and needs to be taken in combination with several other things, because ancestor worship and reverence for land spirits happens in most old Pagan cultures. I would suggest that this connection and reverence must happen in a style not unlike that shown in Evans-Wentz’s “The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries” for it to be seen as a continuation of the Celtic spirit. We can carry it forward into a modern Celtic spirit by having a general love and reverence for the earth and its creatures. A deep appreciation of nature is revealed in early Celtic nature poetry from Ireland and Wales.

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