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Walking Your Talk

By Deborah Blake

After I’d been practicing The Craft for a while, I noticed that there were a few folks who stood out from the others, people that seemed to me to epitomize the essence of what it meant to be a Witch. The why of this puzzled me for a long time; they weren’t necessarily the most successful, the most famous, or the most powerful. So what was it about these few individuals that made me look at them and think, “That’s the kind of Witch I wish I could be”?

Eventually it came to me: these Witches, who all seemed somehow more centered, more in touch with spirit, more present in their own lives (which is not to be confused with being happy all the time, by any means)—they all walked their talk. Whether they were famous authors or the hypnotherapist who taught me tarot reading, they all walked their talk, all day, every day.

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