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Religion and Ecology

By Morgause Fonteleve

In the last 24 hours, over 220 000 acres of rain forest have been destroyed, 50 000 people died of starvation and more than 145 plant or animal species became extinct.

In the past century half the world’s wetlands have vanished, 80% of grasslands and 40% of the worlds land surface suffer from soil degeneration. 70% of the world’s fisheries are depleted and the world’s freshwater system is greatly in peril. Daily we read about new killer viruses, severe weather and catastrophic storms are getting progressively worse, earthquakes, tsunamis, cancer causing pollution, threats to our food and water supplies, and so on.

The New Age Movement advocates the interconnectedness of everything in and through God. Academically speaking, within the ranks of the New Age Movement, stands Neo-Paganism, the reconstruction of pre-Christian spirituality.

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