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Seven Ways to Support the Pagan Community

By Elysia

Have you attended festivals or conferences put together by hard-working volunteers and organizers? Have you mingled at Pagan Pride Day, learned something new from an excellent workshop at a local store, chanted under the moon with close friends, felt energy coursing through hands of strangers on either side of you? Have you been entertained and enlightened by bloggers musing on topics you once thought only you thought about, and followed it up with a lively discussion with others in the comments section? Pagan community permeates our lives in so many ways, both online and offline. Even if you don’t think about it often or meet with “actual Pagans” in your community every day, you can feel the effect of having a movement of like-minded people to talk with by just thinking about all the instances that it has bolstered you on your path, leading you to new information and discoveries about yourself.

So now, as we pull into the harvest season, let’s start thinking about ways to give back to our vibrant and wide-reaching community. I have a few brilliant ideas (as usual!), some of which will hit you up for cash, others of which only take some time and mindfulness.

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