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Be Nice – An approach to Goetia

By Inominandum

[Snip] I have worked successfully and unsuccessfully with the spirits in the Goetia. The first time I ever evoked a spirit from the Goetia was by using the method given for summoning Vassago in Paul Huson’s Mastering Witchcraft. I was 18 years old. It totally blew me away. Previous to that I had done astral traveling and spoke to spirits on their own turf. I had also communicated via devices and mental communication during invocation. Evocation gave me the experience that was literally like fusing two worlds together. Transvocation is almost a better term. I could see Vassago in the crystal quite clearly, but the room around the circle was also awash with activity. So much so that my sister woke up screaming about the spirits in her mirror in the next room.

In later years I performed Goetia according to the instructions in Modern Magic and had similar effects, but a more argumentative and classical experience of dealing with the spirit.

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