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Pope Turns Movie Critic

Pope Benedict XVI needs to get a gig on rottentomatoes. The Vatican’s official house organ L’Osservatore Romanohas editorialized against Ridley Scott’s sci-fi movie “Prometheus,” claiming it’s “a bad idea to defy the gods.” Hopefully, something was lost in translation.  The Pope, more than anyone, should know there is only ONE God.

Be that as it may, the newspaper, which is the voice of the Vatican, and therefore the pontiff, charged that the movie “mishandles the delicate questions raised by… the battle eternal between good and evil in yet another attempt to [steal] the secret of immortality.”  Right, immortality. It really exists right? Well, in the eyes of the church it does, or there would be no god thing. In other words, the editorial seems to be saying that Prometheus crew is trying to figure out how to become gods.

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