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Dealing with Clients

By Galina Krasskova

I recently shared a case study with my seminary students and one of them asked two very, very good questions:

1. How did I personally (and do I in general) keep from being pulled into the client’s “drama”?
2. How did I keep myself grounded and “safe”?

Both of these are excellent questions and it’s not the first time that someone has asked them of me so I’m going to take a moment to answer them here.

I see a lot of clients. It’s part of the job of being a shaman or a spiritworker. People come to me for divination, to get their spiritual problems sorted, and they come to me in the midst of spiritual crisis. This is par for the course. I’m also a clergy person, so I do quite a bit of pastoral counseling and yes sometimes the line between priest and shaman cross in this. Yes I have the appropriate training. So I’m going to answer this question as honestly as possible, drawing on the response I gave to my student about client X. . . .

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