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In Search of Gnosis

Interview with Father Jordan Stratford

By Christopher Blackwell

[Snip] Christopher: Your spiritual life has taken a great many paths to get you where you are now, some which might be considered more spiritual than others, some perhaps more magical. Could you tell our readers a bit about the paths you have followed?

Father Jordan: I identified with the word “witch” from an early age, in the archetypal sense of seeing and working in the borders of experience. The witch is a liminal figure, between life and death, between the village and the wild wood, between waking consciousness and dreaming. I’ve always felt very free in such spaces, creatively and spiritually.

What I came to realize is that in the 19th and 20th centuries, this was largely a literary construct formed in response to anti-clericalism from the French Revolution. So it’s been poets, the Romantics and Symbolists and Decadents, who sought the witch archetype, and enshrined her, and brought her center-stage.

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