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The Necessity for Daily Practice…?!?

By P. Sufenas Virius Lupus

[Snip] Something that I see an increasing number of pagans and polytheists attempting, and struggling with, is daily practice. I’ve talked on previous occasions on “not being afraid to get bored” and so forth with daily practices. However, I’m also asking another question at present: is daily practice really a necessity for many people? And, I’ve come to a conclusion on the matter: no.

In reconstructionist religions, one of the great advantages that has emerged over more general forms of paganism is that there are a variety of possible roles: not everyone is “clergy” or “a priest,” necessarily, in a recon context. I think this is good, because it reflects the very real reality of both premodern cultures and the modern world: not everyone IS a priest, or clergy, nor should they attempt to be if they are either uninterested in or unfit for such a role. Priests and clergy are a specialized form of spiritual practitioner, who are often different from “regular” practitioners and polytheist devotees, in a variety of ways. If you are wondering whether or not you qualify for this, I’d suggest there’s a few questions you can ask yourself on the matter:

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