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Gardening with the Gods

By Piscinus

Any activity you undertake can be transformed into a ritual act. By doing so, the action takes on a greater significance that integrates the conscious, external actions of the body with the unconscious, internal motivations of the soul. During repetitive activity, rhythm that makes the work easier to perform can lead one into a ritual consciousness that opens into realms of awe. Religious awe offers a loss of self-awareness that empties one into a greater whole. It is a type of consciousness that can place a worshiper in contact with her God. Ritual consciousness can thus become inspirational, creative, dynamic, and transforming. The mind, body and soul join together with a single focus, as labor is joined with ritual.

In the garden our first ritual is to orient the land onto the winds. This is performed in accordance with an ancient ritual explained by Pliny the Elder. Previously the land would have to be prepared. But before this could take place a ritual is performed to ask permission of the local spirits of the land, the genius locii. Then, calling upon celestial deities as witnesses, and on terrestrial deities to aid in your efforts, a ritual is held for the Gods of agriculture. It is during the sacrifice, before it is fully completed, that one orients the land.

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