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Classic Witch Series: Endora

By Zan

Arguably the most popular Pop-Culture Witch of the twentieth century (at least among Gay men, at least until Elphaba came along), Endora of the TV show Bewitched is famous as one of the more exotic and flamboyant of Witches. Objecting strenuously to her daughter Samantha’s marrying a Mortal, Endora provided the show’s on-going conflict, and represented the glamorous, globe-trotting world of Witchcraft from which Samantha has exiled herself. Unlike other Witches such as Glinda the Good, Elphaba, the Scarlet Witch, or even Samantha herself, Endora does not live governed by a code of Good Witchcraft; Endora is actually a bit of a devious Witch, and (as many Bewitched episodes attest) is not averse to placing a spell upon some Mortal (often Darrin, otherwise known as “Durwood”), if she feels that they deserve to learn a lesson, Witch-wise, or have gotten too uppity as a Mortal, and need to be brought to earth a bit; Endora is the type of Witch whose conscience can remain untroubled by quite a bit of Witch-mischief and Mortal-befuddlement and humiliation. (I saw a cartoon once- I don’t remember where- but the set-up was that it was a meeting of the Bewitched script-writers, and one guy is going, “I’ve got it! Endora puts a spell on Darrin, who starts to act really weird, and no one knows what is going on, until Samantha figures it out!” Everyone else is going, “I like it! I like it,” and it was really funny, because of course, almost every Bewitched episode was like that.)

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