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Casting obloquy and Irrational Religion

By Peregrin Wildoak

There is a wonderful phrase used to convey some advice to the new Neophyte in the Golden Dawn tradition. Delivered in a speech shortly after the climax of the ceremony by an officer representing Fortitude and Severity and who help keeps the powers of darkness at bay, it reads:

..let me advise you never to ridicule or cast obloquy upon the form of religion professed by another, for what right have you to desecrate what is sacred in his eyes?

I remember clearly my experience of this exhortation. It was recited impeccably and delivered strongly on the inner levels by a Soror whose outer demeanour was that of a mousy librarian, but when clothed in the Godform of Horus exuded strength and power enough to make me feel like a chestnut being slowly roasted. So this adjuration has always stuck with me. Basically, we are being charged by a pretty impressive officer-station to mind our Ps and Qs in relation to religious beliefs other than our own. A nice sentiment indeed, at least on the surface, but one I have always struggled with.

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