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Breaking a Dream Drought

By Robert Moss

Have you lost touch with your dreams? Are your dreams missing you (in the words of one of a new slew of dream-themed TV commercials)? Is your dream recall limited to fragments that are lost completely as you hurry off into the business and traffic of the day?

Relax. Robert Moss, author of “Dreaming the Soul Back Home”, offers the following easy ways to renew and refresh your relationship with your dreams.

1. Set an intention for the night

Before you go to bed, write down an intention for the night. This can be a travel plan (“I would like to go to Hawaii” or “I would like to visit my girlfriend/boyfriend”). It might be a specific request for guidance (“I want to know what will happen if I change my job”). It could be a more general setting of direction (“I ask for healing” or “I open myself to my creative source”). You might simply say, “I want to have fun in my dreams and remember.”

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