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Magic for Personal Gain

By Patti Wigington

One of the first cautionary warnings that people new to the magical life seem to stumble upon is the idea that magic shouldn’t be used for personal gain. There doesn’t seem to be any clear-cut precedent for where this mandate came from, and in fact not all Wiccan or Pagan traditions follow it. To do magic is, after, to express your own discontent with the universe and the things in it, and to make changes come about to your satisfaction.

Think of it this way. Let’s say you are particularly skilled at building things. Is there some big Rule of Building that says you’re only allowed to construct things for other people, but never for yourself? What if you have a talent for balancing numbers? Does the Accountant’s Rede permit you only to do someone else’s bookkeeping, but not let you balance your own checkbook? Of course not. That would be ridiculous.

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2 comments to Magic for Personal Gain

  • avatar MrCthulhu

    I completely get this idea. Why should we not be able to give ourselves a little treat now and then? I get that. I just know that, magic, whatever it truly is, is far more complex and is intricately connected to all things. From the smallest worm to the dust clouds on Saturn. So much so in fact, that there are ethics placed, or common rules that make the wise aware of the fragile balance us humans share with Nature. Whether personal opinion or not sways you or others from thinking ethically, the truth of the matter remains, magic is an undeniable source of love and peace that can be shared to ultimately change the world.
    Building things for ones self has minuscule impact on the world around you when compared to using and projecting magic out into the universe. The reason is simple:

    Building something while in mundane consciousness, leads to an end of physical fulfillment. But projecting magic into the vibrations of reality do just that. They send ripples out along the course of time and alter fragments of our world. This affects everyone.

    When you summon the power of will to achieve a lot of rain so that your crops will grow, you are taking the rain from somewhere. Somewhere now has less fresh water; perhaps Ethiopia or small villages in Libya were hoping for rain to survive the blistering summer. But now, it is falling down on lands where gold is found spewing from many of the wise peoples pockets.

    It is ethical to (knowing that Nature will serve all equally through natural law)sometimes leave things be in the event that you think you “want” something.

    Why is it that the most spiritually wise ancestors and current leaders say that material gain is meaningless and that uncontrollable desire only leads to immediate and prolonged suffering?

    It’s because I could either through physical effort or magic and attain a large amount of money. Once I spend it all, however, I will then again be as unhappy as I was when I was poor.

    Basically, what I am trying to say is that while asking for things for the self can occasionally give you temporary fulfillment, helping others and doing magic for the betterment (when the true wisdom to do so exists) of all is far more noble and spiritually fulfilling. It is the complex nature of the human heart.

    But to each their own. Perhaps we need the ones around us who pray for money all their lives to contrast between those who wish to first give energy in order to receive it.

    Just a thought.

  • avatar Makarios

    Greetings! Thanks for your comment.

    Since this is your first contribution to this site, I wonder if you might be interested in posting a brief intro in the “Introductions” forum, just to let us know a bit about you. The more that we know about you (and you about us), the more helpful our interactions will be. No need to supply a lot of detail–just what you feel comfortable sharing (for example, with what path or paths, if any, do you identify).

    Welcome aboard. Looking forward to more postings from you.