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Belief in Doubt

I’m not sure any religion — even my own — is the way up the mountain. I’m not sure the mountain itself exists.

By Eric Scott

I spent an hour or two yesterday at the Living Insight Center with two friends visiting from out of town. I had never heard of the place before, but one of my friends went there regularly for a few years to do Reiki work and sessions with singing crystal bowls. It turned out that the center was only a few blocks away from my apartment—close enough to walk, if I had a mind.

[Snip] The message behind the Living Insight Center—at least as best as I could discern in the short time I was there—was the inherent validity of all religions. As a sign near the door said, “many paths, but one source.” This is, of course, a common sentiment, one I expect many Pagans agree with. A religion—any religion—is just “one path up the mountain.” This is a fundamentally positive message: there is a destination, enlightenment, a singularity, and there are many paths to achieve it—including your own. With enough effort, all routes work, and all are valid as a result.

This is not a statement I can profess myself, however. I do strongly believe that the many paths are fundamentally equal. But to me, they are equal only in that they are all equally in doubt.

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