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The Golden Dawn is Alive and Growing!

By Donald Michael Kraig

[Snip] Many people today feel that the Golden Dawn is moribund. They see nothing new, just repeating the same, old, tired stuff. Now frankly, I don’t understand that. There are several lifetimes worth of valuable study, exploration, and practice in books that are available now such as Israel Regardie’s The Golden Dawn. But I’ve heard from many people that the techniques of the Golden Dawn are old and dated. They want something new and fresh. Chaos magick can be seen as a response to what was perceived as magick being codified and stultified, filled with unneeded extras just to get results.

But is that true? Is the Golden Dawn tradition in its stagnation phase or even moving toward its death phase? I don’t think so. There are new books and concepts being shared by people interested in or involved with the tradition that show the Golden Dawn is alive and growing, and that the tradition does not simply consist of people repeating what others set in stone.

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