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Psychomanteums & Magick Mirrors

By Ben Gruagach

[Snip] Mirrors and reflective surfaces have been used in magick for a long time. Staring at a reflective surface, whether a pool of liquid, the surface of a polished stone, or into a glass object has been a way to induce a prophetic state and encourage visions for as long as people have been practicing magick.

In ancient Greece and Rome, reflective surfaces such as pools or basins of liquid were placed in darkened rooms where those with questions could go to consult with the spirits of dead ancestors, planetary forces, or even Goddesses and Gods. Eventually pools of liquid were replaced with mirrors. These special mirrors were sometimes called psychomanteums, a term that has been revived in recent times in New Age groups along with the practice of mirror-gazing as a way of contacting spirits of the dead. Modern practitioners such as Dr. Raymond Moody and Dr. Irene Blinston have focused on using the psychomanteum for therapeutic grieving. Scrying and mirror-gazing, though, has been practiced pretty much uninterrupted for a long time.

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