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Jesus Has Really Got Pagans Talking

By Elysia

Jesus is always pissing someone off! Back in his day he was a controversial, anti-establishment Jewish teacher, and today he’s getting Pagans all riled up about a little book called Jesus Through Pagan Eyes.

I worked with the Reverend Mark Townsend on this book from its inception in 2009, and it’s really an exciting premise: looking at the figure of Jesus (both historical and mythical, which must be teased out from each other and examined separately) outside of the confines of the Christian church, and seeing whether there is anything Pagans can take away from this vision and apply to our own paradigm, or rather framing Jesus according to our own understanding and worldview. Not as a savior of all mankind, but perhaps as a wisdom teacher, or as a dying and rising fertility god, or as any number of other facets. Jesus without the baggage.

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