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When is Recon, Recon?

By Elani Temperance

[Snip] I’m going to say something now that I do not take lightly but I do stand behind. If practiced correctly and without prolonged suffering for the animal, I am in favor of animal sacrifice in religious worship. In all honesty, I think it’s a beautiful practice. I would not relish the kill at all, and I think that if I ever had to do it, I would really, really struggle with it. But I would do it, out of respect for the Gods and because it was part of the practice of the ancient Hellens.

For those of you who say that even the Greeks turned away from animal sacrifice; they did, but only in the end. Animal sacrifice was practiced for centuries. Most of the festivals have a sacrificial component to it; anywhere from a single pig to a hundredth cows. The meat was distributed fairly within the community and the first cut went to the Gods–unless it was a holókaustos, then the whole of the animal was sacrificed. For many families, this sacrificial meat was the only meat they ate.

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