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Esoteric Books, Learning and Occult Shops

By Uncle Thor

[Snip] Many a book on magickal, Heathen and Pagan subjects is redundant. It has been my experience in the esoteric world that 90% of the literature is unnecessary. (We are not alone. For example, martial artists say the same of martial arts books. This is also true of history books on subjects such as the Civil War and World War 2..) Most are rehashes of earlier, better books. Many of these are watered-down and filled with a few insignificant observations of the authors. Too many books are diatribes by authors who use a lot of words and pages to say very little. I had always found it best to get to source material when possible, including reliable translations when necessary. Secondary materials are questionable.

Frankly, I think a lot of authors clutter the field with their airhearded New-Agey tripe and their sappy opinions. We have heard all this before. Just because someone thinks he has something to say does not mean it needs to be heard. As Heathenism goes, we can read the Eddas and all the other wonderful source materials for ourselves We do not need someone to interpret what we can read ourselves.

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