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Observations of People and Magick

By Uncle Thor

One of my observation is that many people come to the study of magickal things because they seek power and recognition. Their motives may seem very selfish. In many cases, they are. There are people of a small nature who want to wield power over others and their circumstances. These same folks are a type who want to be recognized. Some also want to be praised and some like to be feared. Most eventually give up the study because they do not get everything they want. Fortunately, about 75% of those who stay around outgrow those motives. We have to be patient with them.

People seek power because they feel powerless. Most of those who seek power do not have a notion of what true power is. They look for spells and meditations and exercises to give them the power to force their will on the world around them. Seeing as the world does not recognize their power, very little gets accomplished. Real power is freedom. It is the freedom to live your life without having to bend to the whims and conventions of the world around you. Real power is recognizing that you are already somebody. You do not have to become someone or something because you are already there. Real power is the freedom to do your own thing while abiding in the world. That does not mean you are exempt from earning a living or making an accommodation to the society around you. It means that within your everyday life, you use the means to do that which is uniquely yours.

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