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Wands, Daggers, & Chalices: Wow! or meh?

By Donald Michael Kraig

[Snip] I still get questions as to whether someone can use something else for a tool. One of the things I like about magick is that real magick is not composed of laws in books. Books of magick, at best, are guidelines. Using a fan instead of a dagger for air isn’t traditional, but for me it does work. Look to books for guidance. Look to books as fallbacks if your new interpretations don’t work. Experience, however, is still your best teacher.

I have also stated that a real magician doesn’t need tools. He or she should just be able to use his or her mind to perform entire rituals. I know I don’t have to use tools for magick, but most often, I choose to use them. Why? Because I like using them!

I like the feel of putting on a robe and standing before an altar. I like the sense of holding a dagger or chalice. They have a positive affect on me, and I would contend using them, for me, improves my magick.

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