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Observations of People and Magick

By Uncle Thor

One of my observation is that many people come to the study of magickal things because they seek power and recognition. Their motives may seem very selfish. In many cases, they are. There are people of a small nature who want to wield power over others and their circumstances. These same folks . . . → Read More: Observations of People and Magick

A Most Dangerous Book

Tacitus’ Germania from the Roman Empire to the Third Reich

Reviewed by Jessica Wright

“Based on his experiments on the impact of freezing on a sheep’s tongue, Montesquieu asserted that the cold air of the Northern Hemisphere caused higher blood circulation and allowed greater, albeit impulsive, strength.” (p160)

This is the kind of random fact . . . → Read More: A Most Dangerous Book

How Useful Is Paganism?

By Nimue Brown

Paganism is a blanket term covering a broad array of beliefs, from ancient practices down to modern traditions. It comes to us from a Roman word for the rural, unsophisticated folk who still worshipped nature, rather than the Emperors. Paganism therefore covers, sometimes, witchcraft, druidry, heathenry, shamanism, Hellenic groups, Romano religio, and . . . → Read More: How Useful Is Paganism?

Lammas Countdown: Make a Cornucopia

By Patti Wigington

Lammas is the first harvest of the year, and the summer sun is typically shining down as farmers begin to gather their grain. Sunflowers are blooming in bright yellows and oranges, and provide a marked contrast to the tans and browns of the wheat fields. By filling a cornucopia with simple treasures . . . → Read More: Lammas Countdown: Make a Cornucopia

Divinities, Priests, and Dedicators at Emona

By Marjeta Šašel Kos

Life in a Roman city, whether in one of the Italian regions or in the provinces, was intrinsically connected with cults, divination, and religion. Proper observance of rituals throughout the year at various festivals and holidays, both public and private, and including various rites of transition, but also during catastrophes or . . . → Read More: Divinities, Priests, and Dedicators at Emona

First Sight: ESP and Parapsychology in Everyday Life

Reviewed by Peter Rogerson

James Carpenter, a clinical psychologist and a board member of the Rhine Research Centre, argues that most ‘ESP’ is unconscious and pervasive, only a small fraction coming to consciousness as anomalous experiences. He furthermore argues that what is involved in psi occurrences is not so much the acquisition of knowledge but . . . → Read More: First Sight: ESP and Parapsychology in Everyday Life

Ancient Spellcasting

By Marguerite Johnson

Magic was widely practised in the ancient world; archaeology and written texts provide considerable evidence for it. And what is fascinating about examining the many and varied rituals that constitute magic in Greece and Rome is the startling dichotomy between the real practitioners and the literary stereotypes of the same: so much . . . → Read More: Ancient Spellcasting


By BellaDonna Saberhagen

The last of the Celtic fire festivals is upon us and while the heat of summer is still strong, it’s time to think of harvesting what we’ve sown before the evil Eye of Balor scorches it, leaving it useless dust. Lughnasadh was the time of the grain festival, but it was more . . . → Read More: Lughnasadh

Denny’s Celebration of Baconalia Has Pagan Roots

By Susan B. Xenu

Anyone who watches TV, and who doesn’t? How else will we know where to spend our hard earned christian dollars? Wil have noticed that the restruant of Denny’s has a new sell the celebrates Bacon.

[Snip] But alas! My investigative research has proven that there is an ancient pagan festival at . . . → Read More: Denny’s Celebration of Baconalia Has Pagan Roots

Money and Pagan Values

By Hecate Demetersdatter

[Snip] First, you don’t have to be a member of the Pagan community for very long to figure out that there are a few issues that seem to “cause problems” for us. Money. Time. Bodily health. Someone else’s success. And, I’d argue that those issues are all, if not precisely the same . . . → Read More: Money and Pagan Values