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Proper Behaviour at Pagan Events

By Angela

I just have a few things to say to our ever-lovely growing pagan community. I would think that some of these things are common sense but apparently not everyone understands what it means to be an asshole.

Firstly, when you are in a tent camping area, it’s a dick move to sing at the top of your lungs the Spongebob Squarepants theme song. After midnight. Where children are sleeping. Sometimes places have areas marked for the loud partiers and an area for the quieter folks. But when an event isn’t marked that way, it’s generally acceptable to treat the area as if it’s full of sleeping people. Even if you see a group of people gathered under a gazebo tent drinking and laughing it up. Because people laughing it up is much easier to deal with then someone 10 feet from your tent screaming at the top of their lungs. Drumming late into the night away from tents is also acceptable. If you can’t figure out that singing that loudly is a dick move, stay home.

Secondly, cruising your car through a camping area and shining your headlights into tents after 1 am is ALSO a dick move. I shouldn’t even have to explain that one. So I am not going to. But if you read that and thought “why?” stay home.

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