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Qayin Lore — Melek Taus, Lucifer, Azazel, Shamash

By Laurelei

All Gods are not one God. The Ancients didn’t see it that way, and we are not trying to put forth that claim, either. And yet, there are Gods — great, ancient spirits (daemons … δαίμων) who are so closely related in myth and religion that we can’t mistake their relation. Just as a Red Thread connects us to the Witchfather who brought the Cunning Fire to humanity, so too does the Red Thread connect many of beings from whom mankind has sought wisdom.

This is our experience with Azazel (who is called a demon — literally, a “spirit”– and an angel — “messenger”), Qayin/Cain and Tubal Cain, as we’ve expressed in other posts. Very directly, in our communications with the Witchfather, he uses these names of himself almost interchangeably, and we have come to use them the same way.

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