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Pagan Evangelism

By John Beckett

Far from being an oxymoron, Pagan evangelism is a helpful and necessary step in our growth and maturity as a religion.

I know, some of you are picking yourself up off the floor – or off the ceiling – after reading that. Hear me out and see if you don’t agree in part if not in whole… and if you don’t, the comments are open.

Let’s start by making one thing very clear: evangelism is NOT proselytization. Proselytization is the aggressive attempt to convert people to a new religion, frequently by the use of manipulative techniques: telling them they’ll burn in hell if they don’t convert, offering disaster victims relief supplies if they convert, recruiting young children who don’t have the maturity to accurately evaluate the choices they’re offered. Proselytization assumes my religion isn’t just right for me, it’s right for you and I’m doing you a big favor by pushing you to convert.

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