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An Expert’s Guide To Spiritual Trespassing

By Gordon

[Snip] It is interesting to me that we can have broad agreement on magical tenets like elemental directions and the need for energy body work but very little in the way of guidelines when it comes to moving between traditions.

And I don’t care what you say. Every tradition, just like every language, is a crazy, mashed-up, Benetton mutant. You will all have been in the situation where you’ve been working on something and suddenly realised you have gone too far… Strayed someplace where you are less than welcome… In my experience, this happens most often with Voodoo and tattwas for some reason.

The sensation is unmistakable. If you have ever been scuba diving (especially night diving) and wandered away from the group beyond visibility range in the direction of a reef called “shark cafe” you’ll know what I’m talking about: You recognise you are in the wrong place and it’s very much in your best interest to return with some speed.

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