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To be Silent

By Adrian Hawkins

Some recent conversations have led me to ponder the wisdom of the lesson of the element of Earth: to be silent. Along with this I have been contemplating this line from the Rede ““Soft of eye and light of touch; Speak little, Listen Much”. Furthermore, I have be focusing on the form and force of Elemental earth as well. One might begin to see a pattern here.

Being an epic flame headed fire sign, I must admit that I have not always been the most tenacious in dealing with the other elements. Earth and Air were there to fuel my fire, to aid in its strength, and I kind of avoided dealings with Water. I see myself and my magic through the lenses of my sacred fire. It is from this vantage point I consider the mundane and magical worlds, the gods, and even the divine itself. My fire is always within me, and I am always within it. So how do I listen to the Earth and see it as more than just fuel to be added to the Fire? Honestly, this has taken me a good long while to figure out, especially since I love to talk, to discuss, to express myself with my words.

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