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Incinerated by the Dragon of Karma

By Drew Jacob

[Snip] Years ago I came across an article about the Celts from the magazine Hinduism Today. Dated from 1994 and written from a Hindu perspective, the article compares the religion of the ancient Celts with Vedic tradition. There are inaccuracies but the author outlined Celtic religion better than any Pagan author of the same time period (check out both parts and judge for yourself).

At the time the article thrilled me. After all, Celtic religion is practically a sect of classical Vedic practice, from the cosmology and rituals down to the artwork of horned gods in yogic positions. As the article points out: “Celtic Gods are called deuos, meaning ‘shining one.’ . . . Gods of Vedas are invoked as deva, meaning ‘shining one.'” While such similarities are well recognized by Pagans and Celtic polytheists, most Hindus have never heard of the druids. I was excited that a popular Hindu publication brought them to the fore. But one line really struck me.

The end of the article mourns, “The Celts, after a 2,500-year history, were incinerated by the dragon of karma… ”

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