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Gnosis: Benefits and Hindrances

By Shivian Balaris

[Snip] Often the circumstance comes up of individuals receiving gnosis and then having the quandary of which to follow: their gnosis, or their tradition / book learning / mentors / etc [from hereon-in we’ll refer to the magickal path of you, the reader, as “tradition”]. Often this can become a difficult choice for many, especially those who are new to receiving such gnosis. The “gnosis” being referred to in this article is imparted knowledge (often from a disembodied entity) which often contains specific and direct information or instructions on how to work magick, perform witchcraft, conduct a spiritual act, etc.

My initial advice is usually to simply try it and see how effective it is. Do your results show that it’s more effective than following your established tradition? One has to watch out for the common pitfall here of getting the rush of doing something new – do not confuse this elation with increased effectiveness. Verify that the magickal act you performed is more effective through a controlled source (eg: how quickly did the spell manifest, divination from tarot / runes, etc) rather than how it felt.

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