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Going Heathen: A guide for transitioners

By Cena Bussey

I wanted to write this post from the standpoint of someone who found heathenry while practicing a pagan/wiccan faith, to give those unfamiliar with the Norse viewpoint some tips and pointers in the process of deciding if heathenry might be a path you are interested in. As most know, their is much eclecticism in the faith of Vanatru, as well as more universalist Asatru, so some of these options are inherently more friendly to those who are transitioning from another pagan path to this one.

Heathenry is not a path unfriendly to outsiders in the general sense, unless one is a hard core reconstructionist or traditionalist, and today’s mainstream heathen community does include this, but such exclusionary views represent the minority, rather than the majority in my experience. Most heathens are happy to welcome newcomers into the path, and more than happy to find that the old gods seem to be calling more and more of us to their wise ways in postmodern times.

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