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How to See in the Dark

By Sarah

[Snip] In the darkness most people will huddle around the fire and look into its warm bright flames, but sometimes there is a person whose face turns away from the light and looks into the dark of night. They know the light blinds so one cannot see what hides in the shadows or see the beauty of the night with its moon, stars, nocturnal creatures, and dusky colours. Such persons who chose to see the unseen are often shamans, witches, spirit workers, and other walkers between worlds. Come with us away from the fire and learn how to see in the dark.

As above so below. As within so without. We are the children of Nature and so our nature’s reflect our progenitor. We are two sides of the same coin; bright and dark inseparably entwined. We are good, kind, compassionate, and helpful, but we are also cruel, selfish, destructive, and wrathful. Each of us is capable of acting in benevolence or malevolence. If you truly know yourself and are able to look into the shadows of your own soul, you can make peace with your darkness and embrace it as a lover. To love oneself, or another, or a deity, or a spirit, one must wholly accept both sides of the coin and love ALL that one is. Cherry-picking will not be permitted if you choose to walk the path of Witchcraft for Nature and the Gods embody life, death, and rebirth – creation and destruction – and you cannot have one without the other. To worship life is to worship death. To worship light is to worship darkness. Too much light can lead to being blinded by reality and lacking in truth, honesty, and balance. Too much dark can lead to madness and ruin.

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1 comment to How to See in the Dark

  • avatar Copperwoman

    Brilliant. Thank you.

    We developed in liquid darkness. We dream in darkness. We will die in darkness. There is a quietness and a safety and infinite space for our spirits to expand and create from behind closed eyes, under a dark sky or even in a dark room with our dark god and goddesses. There is so much goodness that remains unperceived because we fear the dark. Fear is the evil, not the darkness.