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Changing Woman

By As’t Moon

Changing Woman is one of the most revered Deities amongst the Native American Indians. She is the Goddess of all fertility, a wonderfully benevolent figure for it is Changing Woman who gifts the people with abundance and provides teachings that allow them to live in harmony with all creatures. Estsantleki, Her Navaho name, means “self-renewing one” for She is believed to be capable of changing from a child to a young woman to a crone at will. But, despite this trait, Changing Woman is not usually considered a Triple Goddess. Instead, this capacity for renewal links Her to the seasons. She is the Goddess of Cycles. These include the seasons, lunar, and women’s menstrual cycles, as well as the cyclical path of birth, maturing, growing old, and dying only to be reborn again in the Spring.

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2 comments to Changing Woman

  • avatar Copperwoman

    “Estsantleki” is an Apache word.

    Changing Woman’s Navajo name is “Asdz nádleehé”.

    Changing Woman is the personification of the Earth and the cycles of the Earth. She is also the ‘beginning’ of the “Diyin Diné” or Holy People Clan and the kinaaldá ceremony. Changing Woman is every woman.

    The creation myth associated with Changing Woman also resulted in the creation of a conceptual paradigm sand painted and commonly understood as the Navajo version of the Medicine Wheel. The cardinal directions are represented by white shell (yoogaii), turquoise (doot’izhii), abalone (diichi) and jet (bááshzhinii. Each direction corresponds with a sacred mountain.

    …and CHANGING WOMAN looks nothing like the pic that accompanies the article.

  • avatar Makarios

    Thanks. Good to have factual errors corrected.