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Bealtine: Blessing the Summer In

By Morgan

To the pagan Celts, Bealtine (pronounced roughly Ball-tinn-eh) , often called Beltane by modern pagans, was one of the most sacred and the people of Ireland and Scotland practiced important holidays of the year and even up until recently Beltane celebrations. Also called Bealltainn in Scotland and Bealtaine or Bealtine in Ireland, this . . . → Read More: Bealtine: Blessing the Summer In

Changing Woman

By As’t Moon

Changing Woman is one of the most revered Deities amongst the Native American Indians. She is the Goddess of all fertility, a wonderfully benevolent figure for it is Changing Woman who gifts the people with abundance and provides teachings that allow them to live in harmony with all creatures. Estsantleki, Her Navaho . . . → Read More: Changing Woman

Pagan Hatred

By Rebecca

It seems to me that I have been seeing a resurgence of major Christian hate from Pagans, Witches and Wiccans lately, and honestly it is rather disheartening to see. For the past year or so I have been reading and interacting with Pagans on topics about Paganism and little was mentioned of Christianity, . . . → Read More: Pagan Hatred

Goddess Communities in Australia

By Patricia Rose

Australia has a very diverse and rapidly expanding number of people for whom the Goddess, however She is understood, is significant. The 2006 census revealed that there were over 30,000 Pagans or followers of other earth-based religious traditions in Australia and, given the way in which religions are classified in the census, . . . → Read More: Goddess Communities in Australia