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Voice In Ritual

By Nimue Brown

There is no shortage of tools you can buy or make to help you in ritual, but regardless of path, the most powerful one cannot be bought. It is simply your own voice. Voice is a resource available to most of us, and with it we can enrich our celebrations. It costs nothing in terms of money, but calls for energy, time, work and intention, which are all things that add to spiritual practice. Finding your own voice in ritual is a powerful experience in its own right. Speaking well, and hearing words of magic, devotion and celebration come from your lips in convincing, compelling ways changes your sense of self, and the nature of your work. The voice, used well, is the most powerful magical tool we have. Anyone can summon it, and with it, summon wonder.

Where ritual involves multiple participants, spoken word is our means of sharing meaning, and flagging up stages as they occur. We may undertake action, but it is spoken word that shapes ritual. Even working alone, we may offer our words aloud to the gods, the land, the spirits of place.

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