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E is for Exercise

By Galina Krasskova

[Snip] Our bodies are manifestations of our soul and also of our spiritual lives –isn’t that a terrifying thought? The corollary that one may extrapolate from this is that how we treat our bodies is indicative of how we tend our souls. This is particularly true in Heathenry, where the soul is traditionally viewed as a matrix, made up of multiple parts of which the actual physical body in any given incarnation is one. How’s that for shocking? Your body is part of your soul. It’s the interface by which we experience and act upon Midgard, the human world. That means, at least I would interpret it thusly, that not only is the body part of the soul but it’s a very important part!

We are incarnate for a reason. Our bodies are, in many respects one of our most important spiritual tools. We experience *everything*, including our spirituality through the lens of our sensorium: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. Our bodies are the conduit by which we both experience and interpret the sacred. That’s tremendous. That’s huge and that’s also oh so often overlooked. I’ve seen way too many Pagans of every stripe neglect their physical health (and also their financial health, by the way) because it’s not “magical” or “spiritual.” Well, actually, yes it is, spiritual at any rate.

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