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Senobessus: Gaulish Polytheistic Reconstructionism

By Camun

Gaulish Polytheistic Reconstructionism, or “Senobessus,” is a branch of Celtic Polytheistic Reconstructionism. It focuses on specifically pre-Christian Gaulish paganism. I suppose a simpler way to put it is simply “Gaulish neopaganism.” This movement, much of it very recent, has forced me to look hard at the Cernic Rite concept.

It has occurred to me that part of the mild friction between the simple naming of Germanic neopaganism is at work in its Gaulish neopaganist parallel as well. Should it be called “Odinism,” or “Asatru?” Odin, while basically the chief god, is still just one of the gods and goddesses. Perhaps a non god-specific name for the pantheon would be more appropriate. The name “Asatru” is of Icelandic origin, making it regionally-specific, which has it’s drawbacks as well. Naturally you want a name which includes everyone whom you wish to include. The Odinist/Wotanist story extended far from Iceland. A place like Russia is historically very much part of the “historical Wotanist narrative.” Needless to say, the choosing of a name is very important.

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