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Christian to Pagan Conversion

By Sarenth Odinsson

[Snip] “But what does it mean for a Christian to convert to Paganism?”

It is a total paradigm shift, and a shift in thinking. It is a shift in how you relate to the world around you, yourself, your family, Ancestors, the spirit world, and the Gods. A Christian converting to Paganism is, in the Christian view, deliberately discarding salvation and is embracing Satan. Conversion is a revolutionary act, one that redefines everything you are about. For those who believe in a religion, it informs everything, from your morals to your sex life. Converting from a world-denying religion into a world-affirming religion is a huge shift, especially one that is as sex-positive, body-positive, and nature oriented as many Pagan paths tends to be.

For the person, converting to Paganism can change your entire outlook on life, where you are going, and what you should do. Rather than working for the salvation of ‘the life to come’, Paganism as I have found it roots you in the here-and-now in addition to the future. Sure, where you’re going is important, but everyday action, right action especially, is prized. Converting to Paganism means dropping a lot of the privileges that come with being Christian. It is intentionally stepping into a religion maligned by the world’s largest religions, and staying there. It is intentionally adopting what you once would have thought were heretical, or Satan-inspired, worshipping Gods you were told were agents of evil. It is intentionally dropping any pretense of justification for the continued rape of the Earth, destruction of wild places, destruction of indigenous peoples, and suppression of religious, racial, and ethnic minorities. It is discarding accumulated baggage, especially the feeling of superiority, that Christianity can give you.

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