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The Story of Dog

By Juniper

Once upon a time …

Long ago, when the Human race was still young and new to this world Humanity lived in caves and in tents made of wood and animal hides. Humanity had learned to harness the power of fire and to control it. Humanity had learned to kill the other creatures of the Earth and to use their body parts for more than just food. All the other creatures of the Earth had learned to fear Humanity, for Humanity had become a mighty hunter and had begun to range far and wide over the landscape.

Mother Earth loved all her creatures but She loved Humanity best. For through Humanity could She perceive Herself in all Her glory. She could watch the Sun rise through Human eyes; feel the wind blow against Human skin, taste meat and fruit with Human tongue. She could feel what it was to make love, experience the thrill of the hunt and She learned about the fear of death.

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