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Deep Ancestral Totemism, Part Two

By Lupa

In my last post, I introduced the model of the triune brain (reptilian, old mammalian, new mammalian) as a structure for basic understanding of yourself as a human animal, not just a human being. If you have not yet read the first part of this series, please go and check it out over here before reading on, as it will help you make sense of this second portion, for it is here is where we can put the theory into practice.

What you’re going to do in this meditation is meet with totems that can help you learn more about the origins and the purposes for the reptilian (territoriality, basic instincts), old mammalian (more complex care of young and family, basic emotional capacities), and new mammalian (more complex social and communication skills) parts of your brain. The meditation is only meant to be an introduction to these totems; you certainly can’t learn everything there is to know in one exercise! Think of it as a starting point; I’ll give you some ideas for where to go next later on.

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