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Cultural continuity?

By Yewtree

People from other religions, and occasionally archaeologists, refer to contemporary Pagans as “neopagans”. I personally find this condescending. I have outlined the reasons for this before, in a blogpost entitled “Stop calling us NeoPagans”.

I think the reason “neopagan” bothers me so much is (1) the other terms that the prefix “neo”appears in; (2) the fact that no-one ever refers to Protestants and the like as “Neo-Christians”; (3) it implies a lack of authenticity – why can’t people be Pagans (as long as we don’t claim to be direct heirs of ancient pagans, because there are both similarities and differences); (4) it’s usually said in a snidey way.

I am not saying that there is cultural continuity between contemporary Pagans and ancient “pagans” (who did not self-identify as pagan – the term was applied to them by the early Christians).

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